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What is "art therapy"?

Art therapy has existed since the 1940's and can only be practiced by those who are trained and licensed in the profession. Art therapy is process based not product based meaning the art is used as a means of communication and expression of needs. You do not need an art background to work with an art therapist; just be open to the creative process!

This particular modality can be helpful to those seeking an alternative to talk therapy as well as those who struggle to verbally communicate their needs effectively.

*Not all clients are required to engage in art therapy; 

some find psychotherapy or play therapy more helpful

which Tarren is also trained in.*

Is art therapy only for children?

This is a common misconception. Art therapy can be used for any age, sex, gender, etc. As mentioned above, this can be effective creative process for anyone!

What do you mean by

"submit towards out of network benefits"?

Tarren is not an "in-network"provider for any insurance. However she can provide you with a superbill which outlines all services rendered including amount paid for possible out-of-network coverage.

This is then submitted by the client to their insurance company.

Every insurance company is different!

Call and ask what your out-of-network coverage is

and let them know you are seeking services from a LCAT

(this credential is important info to supply them with!)

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