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Here's what parents, caregivers and clients are saying about

Bloom. Creative Arts Therapy Services:

"Tarren has been a lifesaver for my daughter. She is approachable, friendly, and relates well to all. I noticed a vast improvement in just a few months. As our sessions have come to an end, I feel comfortable that we can come back if things get a little bumpy"

"As for expectations, I don't know what I was expecting. I definitely wasn't expecting to have improved this much in this amount of time. I noticed I was all-around happier, and when things got rough I was able to help and stay away from self-harm. I don't really have anything for least helpful. No negatives. Most helpful was either the actual art or just feeling comfortable to talk freely."

"I found Tarren Pagones wonderful.  She was very easy to talk to especially when you are speaking on behalf of yourself and your child.  I have dealt with other therapists and found them to not listen at all, overbooked, insensitive and condescending.  However, Tarren Pagones is a fresh new beginning.  I was able to call her for advice and text her for what I thought was a problem.  She responded back where most never do.  She worked with the school on my child's behalf and honestly cared about my child and what he was feeling.  When one way didn't work to open up, she found another to get him to correspond to her. I highly recommend her."


"I would recommend Tarren to anyone who needs a therapist. She has done wonders with my daughter. Art therapy coupled with her sensitivity and calming sessions really furthered my daughters treatments. We absolutely looked forward to her sessions, teaching our daughter new tools to be successful in the future."

"By coming to Tarren I really got to let go of many things that were a burden to me that I didn't even know bothered me. I inquired many tools on how to cope with my major stressors and learned how to identify what made me the most anxious. I really benefited from coming here because it was an unbiased outlet I had to talk about how I was feeling."

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