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fostering growth. strengthening connections.

empowering individuals & their families.

Our Mission

Created in 2018, Bloom. Creative Arts Therapy Services is committed to providing quality mental health support with your child and family in mind.  Bloom offers a human-centered approach through a combination of art-therapy, play-therapy and talk-therapy services. 


Bloom is focused on early intervention and providing trauma-informed treatment to:

  • Increase self-awareness & self-esteem

  • Enhance coping strategies

  • Implement emotion regulation skills for stress, anger, anxiety and depression 

  • Build social supports including family support through family therapy 

  • Collaborate with other providers such as school, doctors, psychiatrists, NP's, etc for wraparound support

Bloom also offers unique opportunities to meet clients within the community such as in crowded places, at local coffee shops, or schools which can be especially helpful for exposure to minimize and eliminate anxiety. 


Kids Drawing


We provide psychotherapy, art therapy and play therapy to those ages 2 to 30 with a variety of mental health needs; particularly those with anxiety, depression, disrupted attachment, history of trauma, school avoidance, difficulties with emotion regulation, low self-esteem, and anger management.

Girl Painting in Art Class


Bloom is providing services via Telehealth (i.e. a microphone and video compatible device) due to COVID-19. These services are offered through a HIPAA compliant platform and done from a safe place where you feel comfortable. 

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By Appointment Only.
Please book by phone.

Monday - Thursday: 12-8

*Accommodations for other times may be possible

Please note all services are self-pay and can be submitted towards out-of-network benefits. 


1a : blossom 1a, flower

b : the flowering state ​

c : a period of flowering ​

d : rapid and excessive growth

2a : a state or time of beauty, freshness, and vigor

b : a state or time of high development or achievement 

Bloom: noun 


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